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The South Polar Times

Author(s): [Shackleton, Bernacchi, Cherry-Garrard]

Copyright: 2012, UK
Specifications: Ltd ed 1000 numbered copies, 4to, 12 vol (see details below), wraps; canvas box w/ magnetic closure, new with The South Polar Times Commentary, 4to, pp.xx, 220, 11 color & 21 bw photos, 10 color & 8 bw illus, 2 maps, appendices, page-ribbon, blue cloth
Condition: slipcase, new

vI, pp.27, frontis, 6 color & 30 bw illus, color map, vII, pp.47, frontis, 9 color & 47 bw illus, vIII, pp.41, frontis, 10 color & 33 bw illus, vIV, pp.46, frontis, 25 color & 20 bw illus, vV, pp.48, frontis, 25 color & 13 bw illus, vVI, pp.39, frontis, 17 color & 25 bw illus, vVII, pp.68, frontis, 17 color & 53 bw illus, fldg color map, vVIII, pp.55, frontis, 19 color & 27 bw illus, vIX, pp.50, 3 bw photos, 20 color & 3 bw illus, vX, pp.51, 3 bw photo w/ tissue guards, 20 color & 7 bw illus, vXI, pp.48, 3 bw photos, 20 color & 4 bw illus, vXII, pp.46, 4 bw photo w/ tissue guards, 14 color & 5 bw illus

The South Polar Times was a magazine produced during Capt. Robert Scott’s British National Antarctic Expedition (1901-04), on the ship ‘Discovery’, and British Antarctic Expedition (1910-13), on the ship ‘Terra Nova’, as a means to occupy and entertain the men during the four long, dark months of Antarctic winter. It contains gripping accounts of exploratory expeditions; serious scientific articles about penguins and seals, icebergs and geological strata; humorous verses, acrostics, and other puzzles. Beautifully written and illustrated with watercolors and sketches by Edward Wilson, it also contains caricatures, technical drawings, and photographs by Herbert Ponting. All text and illustrations were printed on the recto sides of each page. Each issue, for which only one copy was produced, was read aloud to all hands.

Twelve issues of the South Polar Times were produced over the course of the two expeditions, eight issues during the Discovery expedition and four issues during the Terra Nova expedition. Upon the expedition’s return facsimile reproductions were produced as bound, limited edition, volumes. Volumes 1 and 2 (issues 1-8) for Discovery in 1907 (250 copies) and volume 3 (issues 9-11) for Terra Nova in 1914 (350 copies). Issue 12 was not included in volume 3 and not reproduced at all until 2010. The original issues are dispersed among the Royal Geographical Society, the British Library, and the Scott Polar Research Institute. A facsimile edition of volumes 1-3 was produced in 2002 and issue 12 was finally printed, for the first time, as volume 4 in 2010 (500 copies). This magnificent Centenary set, two years in the making, is the first facsimile production to recreate the original 12 softcover issues as produced in the Antarctic. Accompanying this set is a bound Commentary volume, in a separate slipcase, by noted polar historian Ann Savours. This set weighs 15.75 pounds and requires additional postage. Now out of print.

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