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New signed [Japan]. Academic Alpine Club of Kyoto Chogolisa: The Japanese Chogolisa Expedition, 1958
1959 Asahi-Newspaper Tokyo 1st, 8vo, pp.88, 139, 7 color & 99 bw photos (1 fldg pan) + 21 bw portraits, 3 maps (2 fldg), green cloth ; signed Kurt Diemberger, dj w/ original glassine wrapper, rubbed, vertical crease line on back, very good, cloth fine #25389 $425.00
Account of the first ascent of Chogolisa (25,110’) which placed two members on the summit in 1958. Previous attempts had been made by the Duke of the Abruzzi, in 1909, and Hermann Buhl and Kurt Diemberger, in 1957. Scarce. In Japanese, no English translation. Yak j89 (1st), j243 (2nd), jK167 (3rd [read more]

New [Japan]. Academic Alpine Club of Kyoto The First Ascent of Yalung Kang: Kyoto University Yalung Kang Expedition 1973
1975 The Club Kyoto 8vo, pp.24, 40 color photos, route drawing, 2 maps, wraps ; rubbed, very good #27242 $255.00
A Set of Four Publications on the First Ascent of Yalung Kang The above title together with: Yalung Kang. 1973 The Club, Kyoto, 1st, 8vo, pp.24, 40 color photos, route drawing, 2 maps, wraps; rubbed, very good and Yalung Kang. 1975 The Club, Kyoto, 1st, 8vo, pp.166, 10 color & 90 bw photos [read more]

New [Japan]. Japanese Alpine Club Manaslu 1954-6
1958 Mainichi Newspapers Tokyo 1st, large 8vo, pp.24, 14, 353, 13, 47 bw photos, 30 figs, 8 sketches, 74 charts (2 fldg), 8 maps (1 color, 1 fldg), appendices, red cloth ; dj w/ orig glassine wrapper, edge chips/tears, good+, cloth vg+ #24321 $495.00
Just as the English focused on Everest and the Germans on Nanga Parbat, so to did the Japanese focus on Manaslu. The Japanese Alpine Club made repeated visits to the mountain in 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955 and 1956. This profuse official report relates their failed attempt in 1954, the reconnaissance o [read more]

New [Japan]. Yomiuri-Newspaper (ed.) Stood on the Summit of Chomolangma: Photo-album of the Japanese Alpine Club Expedition to Everest through the Chinese route
1980 The Newspaper Tokyo 1st, 4to, pp.134, 95 color & 55 bw photos + 62 portraits, sketch, map, wraps ; fold to back corner, else near fine #25863 $125.00
Account of the 1980 Japanese Everest expedition via the NE Ridge. Yasuo Kato and Susuma Nakamura made the summit attempt with Nakamura stopping and Kato continuing alone to the summit. Both bivouacked at the Second Step, without oxygen, on the descent. This was Kato’s second ascent of Everest. In Ja [read more]

New Alpinist Magazine Alpinist #58 Summer 2017
2017 Alpinist Jeffersonville, VT 4to, pp.114, color photos, wraps ; new, unread #27246 $14.95
In this issue:
  • Royal Robbins: In the World of Granite and Light by Doug Robinson, Joe Fitschen, Jack Turner, Peter Haan, Pat Ament, & Tamara Robbins
  • Paradigm Shift by Caroline Treadway
  • Under the Influence by Claudia Camila López
  • Breathe Deep by Jeff Shapiro
  • The Sharp [read more]

New signed Ascent: Ascent - The Climbing Experience in Word and Image
1999 US 1st, 4to, pp.xiii, 314, photo frontis, 29 color illus, 147 bw photos, wraps ; signed Galen Rowell, fine #14835 $45.00
The 14th issue of the premiere collection of mountaineering fiction, non-fiction, photography, and art. Many of the best mountaineering writers launched their careers with Ascent. In this issue:
  • Kusum Kanguru: The Dream Pillar by Stephen Venables
  • My Dinner with Anderl by D [read more]

New Ascent: Ascent 1975-76 Vol 2, #3
4to, pp.128, bw photos, wraps ; very good+ #9482 $15.00
In this issue:
  • North Twin, North Face by Chris Jones
  • Dream Ascents by Carol Ingram
  • In Thanks by Tom Higgins
  • Southeast Alaska by Fred Beckey
  • Poontanga by Geoffrey Childs
  • Songs of the Vertical Desert by Gordon Wiltsie
  • Leadership [read more]

New Ascent: Ascent 1980 Vol 3
4to, pp.272, color & bw photos, wraps ; rubbed, vg #13655 $15.00
With this issue Ascent resumed after a four-year hiatus with the sub-title ‘The Mountaineering Experience in Word and Image’ and a vastly expanded format. In this issue:
  • Man Meets Myth: A True Fantasy by Ron Matous
  • Eighteen Years After the Riesenstein Hoax: A History of the [read more]

New Ascent: Ascent 1984 Vol 4
4to, pp.177, color & bw photos, red/black cloth ; dj w/ small tear top spine, near fine, cloth fine #11594 $25.00
This was the first hardcover issue of Ascent. In this issue:
  • The Man Who Climbed Too Well by Joe Kelsey
  • Masherbrum and Back Again by Ron Matous
  • On and Around Denali, Photos
  • The Moutain Beyond the Cabin by David Grimes
  • The Kahiltna Open by Paul [read more]

New Ascent: Ascent 1989 Vol 5
4to, pp.207, color & bw photos, wraps ; fine #10049 $15.00
In this issue:
  • Stone by Edwin Drummond
  • To Become a Mountaineer (Poem) by Elizabeth Stone O’Neill
  • El Peligroso by Robert Walton
  • The Best of Times, The Worst of Times by Joe Kelsey
  • The Faller (Poem) by John Hart
  • Headwall by Tim Ahern
  • [read more]

New Ascent: The Best of Ascent: Twenty Five Years of the Mountaineering Experience
1993 Sierra Club SF 1st, 8vo, pp.xiv, 384, frontis, 19 bw photos, appendices, blue cloth ; dj fine, cloth fine #10050 $25.00
Some of the best from Ascent. Includes fiction and non-fiction by Galen Rowell, Warren Harding, Royal Robbins, Kitty Calhoun Grissom, Terry Gifford, David Roberts, and others. Ascent was published annually as the mountaineering journal of the Sierra Club, under the primary editorship of Alan Ste [read more]

New Ascent: Sierra Club Mountaineering Journal Ascent 1967 Vol 1, #1
May 1967 4to, pp.48, bw photos, wraps ; light rubbing, near fine #23198 $125.00
This first issue is the hardest to find. In this issue:
  • Ascent of Hummingbird Ridge, Mount Logan by Allen Steck
  • Pens Over Everest by Bernard Hollowood
  • American Antarctic Mountaineering Expedition by William Long
  • A Visitor to Yosemite by Ian Howell
  • [read more]

New Ascent: Sierra Club Mountaineering Journal Ascent 1968 Vol 1, #2
May 1968 4to, pp.48, bw photos, wraps ; light rubbing, near fine #23199 $125.00
In this issue:
  • The West Face, El Cap by Royal Robbins
  • Behold Now Behemoth by Pete Sinclaire
  • Tuesday Morning on the Lyell Fork with Eliot’s Shadow by Doug Robinson
  • Canada, Four Photos by Ed Cooper
  • Mt. McKinley … The Direct South Face by Dave Seidma [read more]

New Ascent: Sierra Club Mountaineering Journal Ascent 1969 Vol 1, #3
May 1969 4to, pp.48, bw photos, wraps ; light rubbing, vg #11406 $75.00
In this issue:
  • Yerupajá by Dean Caldwell
  • The Climber as Visionary by Doug Robinson
  • The Jewel in the Lotus by James McCarthy
  • The Fiend by Tom Higgins
  • An Interview with Fritz Wiessner by David Dornan
  • Mt. Waddington by Barry Hagen
  • [read more]

New Ascent: Sierra Club Mountaineering Journal Ascent 1970 Vol 1, #4
May 1970 4to, pp.48, bw photos, wraps ; light rubbing, fine #24057 $45.00
In this issue:
  • The Story of Fats Ray by Lito Tejada-Flores
  • Up Against the Walls by Joe Fitschen
  • Dhaulagiri, A Mind Odyssey by James Janney
  • Tis-sa-ack by Royal Robbins
  • Photographs
  • Four Corners by Steve Roper
  • The View from Deadho [read more]

New Ascent: Sierra Club Mountaineering Journal Ascent 1971 Vol 1, #5
July 1971 4to, pp.56, bw photos, wraps ; light rubbing, near fine #24493 $45.00
In this issue:
  • Climbing Down Under by Rob Taylor
  • Little Mother up the Mörderberg by H. G. Wells
  • Yosemite’s Other Valley, Hetch Hetchy by Galen Rowell
  • Rojo’s Peón by Lito Tejada-Flores
  • The Lady of the Luckless Mountaineers by René Daumal
  • [read more]

New Ascent: Sierra Club Mountaineering Journal Ascent 1972 Vol 1, #6
June 1972 4to, pp.64, bw photos, wraps ; fine #23200 $45.00
In this issue:
  • The Edge of the Sea by John Cleare
  • An Early Ascent of Half Dome by Phimister Proctor
  • The Moose’s Tooth, Photos by Tom Frost & Bradford Washburn
  • In Due Time by Tom Higgins
  • East of the Valley, West of the Gunks: A Zion Story and Guide [read more]

New Ascent: Sierra Club Mountaineering Journal Ascent 1973 Vol 2, #1
July 1973 4to, pp.64, bw photos, wraps ; fine #23201 $29.00
In this issue:
  • Mirror Mirror by Ed Drummond
  • West Side Story by Greg Donaldson
  • First on Alberta by Chris Jones & Jean Weber
  • Canadian Faces in Winter, Photos by Jim Stuart
  • The North Face of Alberta by George Lowe
  • The Taurus Mountains of Tu [read more]

New Ascent: Sierra Club Mountaineering Journal Ascent 1974 Vol 2, #2
July 1974 4to, pp.96, bw photos, wraps ; near fine #9481 $15.00
In this issue:
  • Freakers’ Ball, FitzRoy by Jeff Salz
  • Bouldering, Photos by Jim Stuart
  • The Soloist’s Diary by Jeffery Long
  • Yosemite, Photos by Ed Cooper
  • The Rock Guides by Joe Kelsey & Sheridan Anderson
  • La Derive, Poetry by Carol MacGee[read more]

New Balch, Edwin Swift The North Pole and Bradley Land
1913 Campion Philadelphia 1st, 8vo, pp.91, (3), map, red cloth ; xlib based on small indication of former label on spine & former label mark on fep, cloth tight, near fine #27257 $185.00
In 1908 Dr. Frederick Cook claimed to have discovered Bradley Land, just a few degrees further north than Robert Peary’s claimed Crocker Land. (Peary named his sighting after the San Francisco banker George Crocker, who was one of his financial backers, and Cook named his sighting after John Bradley [read more]

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