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Ascent - The Climbing Experience in Word and Image

Author(s): Ascent:

Copyright: 1999, US
Specifications: 1st, 4to, pp.xiii, 314, photo frontis, 29 color illus, 147 bw photos, wraps
Condition: signed Galen Rowell, fine

The 14th issue of the premiere collection of mountaineering fiction, non-fiction, photography, and art. Many of the best mountaineering writers launched their careers with Ascent.

In this issue:

  • Kusum Kanguru: The Dream Pillar by Stephen Venables

  • My Dinner with Anderl by David Pagel

  • Storm Camp (Poem) by John Hart

  • Shipton Spire: Aid and Free, Photos

  • Too Old for 5.12, Too Young for Obituaries by Joe Kelsey

  • There I Was … on Shiprock! by Alex Bertulis

  • Peregrine Dreams by Amelia Rudolph

  • Big-Wall Tale of Woe by Bob Viola

  • Comedy and Climbing by Bruce Fairley

  • Mimi Dreaming by Ken Baldwin

  • Climber as Artist, Artist as Climber, Artwork

  • Scottish Portraits by Terry Gifford

  • Sea to Summit: The Lessons of Wadd by John Harlin

  • Climber As Writer: From the Armchair to the Tetons by David Stevenson

  • Night Rappel (Poem) by John Hart

  • North, Photos

  • The Mechanical Advantage: Tools for the Wild Vertical by John Middendorf

  • Sandstone 101 by Dougald Macdonald

  • Do the Right Thing by Dave Insley

  • The Bivouac (Poem) by John Hart

  • Natural Order: Notes from the Tetons by Amy Irvine

  • Unravelings by Dennis Higgins

  • The Use of a Meal: Alpine Style on Thalay Sagar by Andy Selters

  • The Belayer (Poem) by John Hart

  • South, Photos

  • Cerro Torre Campaign by Gregory Crouch

  • Inside the Beech Forest: A Patagonian Sojourn by Cameron M. Burns

  • Sensation Seeking: Psychological or Genetic? by John Thackray

  • Dead Men’s Gear by Jeff apple Benowitz

  • Exposure (Poem) by John Hart

  • Where the Gods Live: Everest, May 10, 1996 (Poem) by Patricia Farewell

  • No Other Annapurnas: Paragraphs Written in a Hospital by John Hart

  • Tuolumne Granite (Poem) by John Hart

  • Pictures from Kyrgyzstan by Steph Davis

  • The Climbing Magazines: Read, Skim, or Ignore? by John Hart

  • Ironmongers of the Dreamtime by John Ewbank

  • The Adventure of the Speckled Hand by Robert Walton

  • And more!

Ascent was published annually as the mountaineering journal of the Sierra Club, under the primary editorship of Alan Steck and Steve Roper. It appeared regularly for the first eight years and then more occasionally. It is an iconic collectible item due to its excellent writing on mountaineering, fiction, fact, and poetry; as well as photography and art related to the mountain world. “Not only the finest mountaineering journal of the last quarter-century, but the most influential.” – David Roberts, 1993.

Ascent is easily collectible due to its limited run, much like Alpinism, Mountain Review, Mountain World, North American Climber, Polar Circus, Vulgarian Digest, and others, and doesn’t take up too much shelf space, or weight.

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