Mount McKinley’s West Buttress: The First Ascent – Brad Washburn’s Logbook 1951: Washburn, Bradford
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Mount McKinley’s West Buttress: The First Ascent – Brad Washburn’s Logbook 1951

Author(s): Washburn, Bradford

Copyright: 2003, Top of the World Press, Williston, VT
Specifications: 1st, 8vo, pp.142, photo frontis, 71 bw photos, 4 sketches, 2 maps, appendices, wraps
Condition: signed, new

Mount McKinley, the highest peak in North America, was first climbed in 1913 by its northern Muldrow Glacier route. Yet, for almost 40 years, no one had climbed the mountain via its southern slopes. By 1951, however, one man knew more about McKinley’s geography than anyone else. His knowledge of potential new routes, used in conjunction with the newly developed, ski-equipped airplane, would completely change how future climbers would approach this great peak. Brad Washburn’s personal account of the first ascent of McKinley’s West Buttress allows the reader to share in this historic expedition. Written over 50 years ago, his logbook still holds the excitement and wonder of each unfolding day. Washburn’s pioneering work on the West Buttress opened up what is now, for over 1000 climbers each year, the most popular route on Mount McKinley.

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