Mapping the Himalayas: Michael Ward and the Pundit Legacy: Sale, Richard
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Mapping the Himalayas: Michael Ward and the Pundit Legacy

Author(s): Sale, Richard

Copyright: 2009, UK
Specifications: ltd trade ed of 234, 8vo, 2 vol, vol I pp.208, 26 color & 52 bw photos, 36 bw illus, 2 sketches, appendix, wraps; vol II contains 44 folding maps (16 color), in blue card slipcase
Condition: both vols in blue card slipcase; new

This extensive work, first started by Michael Ward, is based on Ward’s diaries of the 1951 Everest Reconnaissance (including previously unpublished material) and his two trips to Bhutan (1964, 1965). In 1951, Ward conducted surveys with Eric Shipton which led to his interest in cartography and, subsequently, the Pundits. He started this work shortly before his death in 2005 and, fortunately, it has now been completed by Richard Sale. This combines a history of the Pundits, with biographical information for each, with details of Ward’s own experiences of surveying in the field, including his use of Pundit-style techniques in Bhutan. Special emphasis is given to reproducing the Pundit maps, one for each journey, as full-size replicas. This is the first time they have been gathered together and the first time any have been reproduced since they were first drawn 120 years ago. Also included is Ward’s map of Bhutan and the 1961 Everest map drawn from the ‘51 and ‘53 explorations. The Preface is written by Ward.

Three versions of this book have been created – Gold, Silver, and Trade; each in limited quantities. The 50 Gold edition copies include a reprint article signed by Ward. The 50 Silver edition copies do not include the signed reprint. The Trade edition is a softcover but still slipcased with all the maps. Note: The signed reprint articles we have for the Gold editions are ‘Exploration and Mapping SE of Everest in 1954 and 1955’ (Alpine Journal, 1999), ‘Medicine in Tibet’ (Journal of Wilderness Medicine, 1991), and ‘The Exploration of the Tsangpo and its Mountains’ (Alpine Journal, 2000). We also have a few matching-numbered sets of both Gold & Silver editions for those who may like one of each! This book weighs 5.25 pounds.

This book was a finalist at the 2009 Banff Mountain Book Festival.

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