Griffith Taylor: Visionary, Environmentalist, Explorer: Strange, Carolyn & Alison Bashford
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Griffith Taylor: Visionary, Environmentalist, Explorer

Author(s): Strange, Carolyn & Alison Bashford

Copyright: 2009, Canada
Specifications: 1st, 8vo, pp.283, 33 color & 44 bw photos, 23 bw illus, graph, 2 color & 2 bw map, wraps
Condition: new

Thomas Griffith Taylor (1880-1963) was a geographer, anthropologist, and world explorer. He was a classmate of Doug Mawson and student of Professor Edgeworth David. His contacts with these two led to his serving as geologist on Scott’s British Antarctic Expedition (1910-1913) where he led the Western Journeys. He published his account of the expedition as ‘With Scott: The Silver Lining’.
Taylor's travels took him from Captain Scott's final expedition in Antarctica to every continent on earth, in a life that stretched from the Boer War to the Cold War. His research ranged from microscopic analysis of fossils to the ‘races of man’ and the geographic basis of global politics.
An Englishman by birth, he spent much of his life in Australia, Canada, and the United States. He established geography departments at the University of Sydney and the University of Toronto and also taught at the University of Chicago. Taylor was President of Australian, British, American, and Canadian geographical societies and earned numerous honors, including the King’s Polar Medal and the Livingstone medal from the American Geographical Society.
As a scientific secularist, Taylor made it his lifelong mission to enlighten the public on humankind's relation to the environment. Today’s preoccupations with climate change, the ascendancy of Asian nations, and the renewed threat of nuclear war were all addressed by Taylor generations earlier. While embroiled in bitter controversy at home and abroad, and often dismissed by his contemporary political and intellectual opponents as a pariah, many subsequent scientists and environmental advocates have come to regard him as something of a prophet.
This is a copiously illustrated account and analysis of Taylor’s remarkable life. It explores what drove this ‘long, lean, lanky’ man to such extremes: geographically, intellectually, and politically.

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