Captain Scott: Icy Deceits and Untold Realities: Sienicki, Krzysztof
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Captain Scott: Icy Deceits and Untold Realities

Author(s): Sienicki, Krzysztof

Copyright: 2016, Germany
Specifications: 1st, thick 8vo, pp.xxxi, 778, 12 bw photos, 35 figs, 136 graphs, 42 tables, 10 maps, appendices, page-ribbon, map eps, black cloth
Condition: dj & cloth new

In this massive tome, comprised of three volumes, Sienicki uses scientific techniques to analyze Scott’s data. Historical descriptions attempting to find a reason for Captain Scott and his companions deaths were, despite eloquence of presentation, unable to find the actual cause of the disaster. While presenting Captain Scott’s journey to the South Pole, the authors entirely neglected (ignored) fundamental (basic) issues of its logistics. In his book Sienicki digitizes the logistics of the South Pole journey and the weather conditions reported by Captain Scott and the shore party at Cape Evans. Based on that and subsequent analysis an entirely new insight has emerged on all aspects of the journey and ultimate deaths of Captain Scott’s party. This insight vitally challenges all previous scholarly work on the fate of Captain Scott’s party.

By digitizing Captain Scott’s journey to the South Pole the author showed that all previously assumed causes of the disaster were insignificant as compared to the psychological collapse of the expedition due to losing the race to Captain Amundsen’s team.

This expertly written book is nothing less than a daring challenge to the prevailing views of Captain Robert F. Scott’s journey to the South Pole and consequent disaster. Borrowing from various scientific disciplines, Krzysztof Sienicki lucidly argues against each of the presumed causes of Captain Scott and his companions' deaths. In particular, he demolishes the notions of extreme low temperatures, ferocious winds, and food/fuel shortages as the main causes of the disaster. Using neural network computer simulations he proves that the Extreme Cold Snap, Never Ending Gale, and food/fuel scarcity never occurred.

By eliminating the alleged causes of the disaster the author provides data and arguments that the deaths (Scott, Wilson, and Bowers) were a matter of choice rather than fate. The choice was made long before there was an actual end of food/fuel and long before the end of the physical strength needed to reach delusive salvation at One Ton Depôt.

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