Jason-Ekspedisjonene 1892-1894 Antarctic-Ekspedisjonen 1901-1904 [Jason-Expedition 1892-1894 Antarctic-Expedition 1901-1904]: Larsen, C. A.
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Jason-Ekspedisjonene 1892-1894 Antarctic-Ekspedisjonen 1901-1904 [Jason-Expedition 1892-1894 Antarctic-Expedition 1901-1904]

Author(s): Larsen, C. A.

Copyright: 2016, Norway
Specifications: 1st, 8vo, pp.440, 33 color & 239 bw photos, 18 color & 23 bw illus, plan, 14 color & 4 bw map, illus ep, wraps
Condition: new

Larsen (1860-1924) was a Norwegian Antarctic explorer, who made important contributions to the exploration of Antarctica, the most significant being the first discovery of fossils, for which he received the Back Grant from the Royal Geographical Society. In December 1893 he became the first person to ski in Antarctica on the Larsen Ice Shelf which was subsequently named after him. He is considered the founder of the Antarctic whaling industry and the settlement at Grytviken on South Georgia.

Larsen went on two Antarctic expeditions, the first in command of the ship ‘Jason’ (1892-94) which discovered the Larsen Ice Shelf, the Foyn Coast in Graham Land, King Oscar Land, and Robertson Island. The ‘Jason’ was a ship Larsen was familiar with as he had been aboard it during the voyage that carried Fridtjof Nansen to Greenland during his east-west crossing in 1888.

Larsen’s second expedition was when he captained the ship ‘Antarctic’, as part of the Swedish Antarctic Expedition (1901-04) and co-led with Otto Nordensjöld. During this expedition some of his crew wintered for 10 months at Snow Hill Island, and after his ship was crushed by ice and sank, he and his crew spent the winter of 1903 on Paulet Island, surviving on penguins and seals before being rescued by the Argentine corvette ‘ARA Uruguay’.

This is the first publication of his diaries and complements his two expedition logbooks ‘Skepps-Dagbok: Antarctics Loggbok Den Svenska Sydpolsexpeditionen 1901-1903’, our #27552, and ‘Skibsjournal: Jasons Loggbok 1893-1894’, our #27553. In Norwegian, no English translation.

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