Alpamayo to Everest: It’s Not about the Summit: Hibbert, Ian
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Alpamayo to Everest: It’s Not about the Summit

Author(s): Hibbert, Ian

Copyright: 2015, US
Specifications: 8vo, pp.ix, 242, 50 bw photos, wraps
Condition: new

Hibbert chronicles his adventures climbing the world’s highest mountains in this gripping series of tales that reveals the power of grit, determination, and will. Filled with pictures, these memoirs delve into the challenges he overcame climbing the exotic mountains of the South American Andes, Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, Africa, and New Zealand. At each stop, he enriched his body and soul.

In the Peruvian mountains, he paid little mind to the Sendero Luminoso terrorists, even though a police chief guarded the group at the Los Portales Hotel. When a member of the group needed to convert US dollars to Peruvian Intis at the bank, the National Police were employed to guard the delivery.

At Cho Oyu, the sixth-highest mountain in the world at the Tibet-Nepal border of the Himalayan range, he was almost arrested and thrown into the brig amid the SARS outbreak when he was found to have an elevated temperature at a border crossing.

These tales are about more than just mountain climbing. They are about preparation, rich cultural exchange, problem solving, and the thrill of being alive amid the incredible scenery from Alpamayo to Everest.

Hibbert is a mountaineer who has spent more than 40 years climbing and trekking mountain ranges throughout the world. Even with a disability, he has climbed mountains more than 100 times, overcoming extreme physical and environmental challenges.

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