One More Step: Journey to Mt. Everest – A Narrative Case Study of a Successful Summit: Madden, Brendan T.
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One More Step: Journey to Mt. Everest – A Narrative Case Study of a Successful Summit

Author(s): Madden, Brendan T.

Copyright: 2020, US
Specifications: 1st, 8vo, pp.xiv, 238, 36 bw photos, 2 maps, appendices, wraps
Condition: new

Do you have what it takes to reach the summit of Everest? In this entertaining narrative Madden, a high school science teacher with a thirst for adventure, details the steps he took before and during his climb on Everest. This book will give readers and future climbers an unprecedented account of the preparations necessary for a commercially guided climb. As the climb proceeds, Madden charts his mindset and physicalities, with a deepening self understanding of mountaineering, impermanence, and the magnificence of the Tibetan Himalayas.

In May 2006, 28-year old Madden was stuck at his desk job in Kent, Washington. His cubicle walls were closing in on him when he got a call that would change the direction of his life. “I can’t go climb Mt. Baker with you next month because I am moving to China to help start an international school.” Brendan’s friend Dave Kellogg revealed. Brendan replied, “I’m in." Dave replied, “I didn’t ask, but I guess I can see if the school needs someone with a science background if you are serious.” Brendan replied “I’m in; 100%." Two weeks later Brendan and Dave landed in Qingdao, China. Living in China was a daily shock to the senses that inspired numerous epic adventures including: sneaking into North Korea, mountain biking from Lhasa, Tibet to Kathmandu, Nepal, skiing in Iraq, a road trip through Iran, and walking across Nicaragua on foot along the controversial Nicaragua Grand Canal route. Brendan and Dave documented all of their adventures and published them on YouTube under their company name, In Deep Films. Unlike his cubicle life, these adventures gave his life meaning. It became a way to learn about the world, challenge political views, prejudices, and his physical and mental capabilities. He became addicted to living life outside of his comfort zone. Addicted to see how he could adapt and thrive in extreme situations.

With each goal he accomplished, his confidence grew and he took on bigger challenges. On Mt. McKinley in Alaska, Brendan meets like-minded characters who intrigue him with stories of the seven summits objective, which is to climb the highest mountain on each of the seven continents. He also befriends mountaineer Patrick McKnight whose high altitude enthusiasm matched his own. Patrick had ventured to Everest twice already. Both times due to avalanches and earthquakes, he was forced off the mountain without a summit. Patrick was planning on one final Everest summit attempt in 2018 and invited Brendan to come along. Brendan, had quit his dream job in Japan to go on an Antarctica expedition only to find out that the Antarctica expedition was defunct. Desperate for inspiration and an adventure, he replied to Patrick, “I’m in.100%.” Brendan, who had become an accomplished travel videographer, documented every step of his journey. His decision to climb Everest, how he trained and his time on the mountain is the story of One More Step.

Patrick and Brendan meet in Tibet on their way to climb Everest with the budget climbing outfit, Summit Climb. On the mountain Brendan is forced to overcome self-doubt, intimidation, and physical challenges as his climb is riddled with setbacks and successes. As the climb proceeds, Brendan analyzes his inner path as well as his outer one. He questions the absurdity of his adventures, mountaineering, and life all while yearning to be content. In accompaniment with Brendan’s YouTube series “Everest for Mountaineers”, this book, gives prospective climbers, Everest enthusiasts, and those that are desperate for inspiration an unparalleled Everest experience.

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