[Anonymous]. 'Like English Gentlemen' To Peter Scott. From the Author of 'Where's Master?'. 2023 UK #27897, $39.95
A facsimile edition, first published c1913, telling the story of the fate of Robert Scott and his companions on the return trip from the South Pole.

Barry, Dennis, et al. Polar Crean: Tom Crean - Antarctic Explorer. 2023 UK #27898, $39.95
A collection of four writings related to Tom Crean.

signed Buler, Angie & Beau Riffenburgh. Shackleton's Critic: The Life & Diaries of Eric Stewart Marshall. 2020 UK #27744, $59.95
Marshall, who joined Shackleton at their 'furthest south' in 1909, would end up being Shackleton's severest critic.

Bruce, W. S. Life in the Antarctic: Sixty Photographs by Members of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition. 2022 UK #27900, $29.95
A facsimile of the scarce 1907 booklet of photographs by members of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition of 1902-4.

signed Chaplin, Paul. Antarctic's Voyage to the Southern Ocean or The Norewgians' Landing on South Victoria Land. 2022 NZ Ltd Ed 150 #27892, $59.95
The first English translation of Leonard Kristensen's very rare account of the claimed first landing on the Antarctic continent in 1895.

signed Chojecki, Jan. The Quest Chronicle: The Story of the Shackleton-Rowett Expedition. 2022 UK Ltd ed 500 #27807, $77.95
The events that occurred before, during and after Shackleton's last voyage, told through the words of the protagonists with their letters, logs, and diaries.

signed Davies, Francis. With Scott Before the Mast: British Antarctic Expedition 1910-1913. 2020 UK Ltd Ed 160 #27703, $395.-
Davies was an ordinary seaman thus making his account of Scott's British Antarctic Expedition (1910-13) a rare viewpoint from the lower ranks.

signed Hamley, Trevor. Vodka in a Vegemite Jar: An Australian on a Soviet Antarctic Expedition. 2023 Australia #27933, $34.95
In 1983 Australian glaciologist, Hamley, embarked on a 3,000km Soviet Antarctic return over-snow traverse from Mirny to Dome C.

Kagge, Erling. Philosophy for Polar Explorers. 2019 US #27893, $19.95
Norwegian explorer Kagge provides a thoughtful and eloquent meditation on adventure and discovery.

Lecointe, Georges. In the Land of the Penguins: An Account of the Voyage of the Belgica. 2020 UK #27711, $89.95
The first English translation of Lecointe's original expedition account 'Au Pays des Manchots' (1904), with additional material.

Lee, Maureen. A Young Man's Antarctic Discovery: Diary of New Zealander Clarence Hare on Captain Scott's First Expedition. 2022 NZ #27917, $39.95
The first publication of Clarence Hare's diary, the youngest member of Scott's British National Antarctic Expedition (1901-04).

McLean, Archibald. The Antarctic Diary of Archibald Lang McLean. 2020 UK #27710, $65.95
The first publication of McLean's diary during Mawson's Australasian Antarctic Expedition (1911-14) .

signed Moneath, Colin. Erebus: The Ice Dragon - A Portrait of an Antarctic Volcano. 2023 NZ Ltd Boxed Ed 100 #27879, $245.-
Antarctic veteran Monteath presents a wonderful profile of this historic mountain covering its discovery in 1841 to 2016.

Pitzer, Andrea. Icebound: Shipwrecked at the Edge of the World. 2021 US #27927, $28.95
The astonishing survival tale of 16th-century Dutch explorer William Barents and his crew of sixteen, who ventured farther north than any Europeans before on their third polar exploration.

Thomson, John. Lost... The Antarctic Diary of Thomas Orde Lees. 2020 UK Ltd Ed 275 #27713, $89.95
The first publication of Orde Lees' diary from Shackleton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1914-17) during which the Endurance was lost.


signed Anderson, Robert Mads. Nine Lives: Expeditions to Everest. 2020 UK #27709, $29.95
Veteran climber Anderson provides accounts of his nine Everest expeditions.

Caesar, Ed. The Moth and The Mountain: A True Story of Love, War, and Everest. 2020 US #27847, $27.95
The 1933 story of Wilson's bold plan to fly from Englands to Everest, crash his plane on its slopes, and climb the mountain.

signed Conefrey, Mick. Everest 1922: The Epic Story of the First Attempt on the World's Highest Mountain. 2022 UK #27800, $39.95
The dramatic account of the first attempt to climb Everest, published to coincide with the centenary of the expedition in 2022.

signed Conefrey, Mick. The Last Great Mountain: The First Ascent of Kangchenjunga. 2020 UK Ltd Ed 150 #27814, $79.-
The story of the first ascent of Kangchenjunga drawing on interviews, diaries and unpublished accounts; plus a signed print.

signed Cotter, Guy. Everest Mountain Guide: The Remarkable Story of a Kiwi Mountaineer. 2023 NZ #27918, $49.95
Cotter provides authentic and riveting behind-the-scenes insight into what actually transpires on Everest based on his three-decades of guiding there.

signed Karo, Silvo. Rock 'n' Roll on the Wall. 2020 Slovenia #27715, $34.95
The long-awaited autobiography of the protagonist of the golden age of Slovenian mountaineering.

Kukuczka, Jerzy. Krolowa: Lhotse '89 [Queen: Lhotse '89]. 2019 Katowice #27890, $34.95
Kukuczka's expedition diary from his fatal attempt on Lhotse in 1989, plus a DVD and QR codes for the audio/video clips on Youtube.

Kukuczka, Jerzy. Ostatni w Koronie: Shisha Pangma '87 [Last in the Crown: Shisha Pangma '87]. 2017 Katowice #27891, $34.95
Kukuczka's expedition diary from his successful ascent of Shisha Pangma in 1987, plus a DVD and QR codes for the audio/video clips on Youtube.

signed Lee, Robert Charles. Through Dangerous Doors: A Life at Risk. 2022 US #27929, $24.95
Lee's memoir describes his escape from a poor childhood through climbing and a life defined by risk.

McDonald, Bernadette. Alpine Rising: Sherpas, Baltis, and the Triumph of Local Climbers in Greater Ranges. 2024 US #27934, $29.95
McDonald brings focus to the rarely mentioned local climbers from the Himalaya and Karakoram who have long been significant members of expeditions and first ascents across the world's tallest and most challenging peaks.

Moon, Patricia. Tough & Cheerful: The Life and Times of Kanchha Sherpa Last Living Member from the First Ascent of Mount Everest. 2023 US #27821, $24.95
A story about the world's tallest mountain, the evolution of Nepal, and a man who has been part of the staggering transformation of both.

signed Pritchard, Paul. The Mountain Path: A Climber's Journey Through Life and Death. 2021 UK Ltd Ed 200 #27803, $75.-
Pritchard recounts his two decades of climbing since his near-fatal accident while climbing the Totem Pole.

signed Rowland, Clive. Towards the Ogre. 2022 UK #27870, $59.95
Rowland tells his stories of early days exploring and climbing from the Peak District to the Himalaya, including his dramatic expedition to The Ogre with Bonington and Scott.

signed Saunders, Victor. Structured Chaos: The Unusual Life of a Climber. 2021 UK Ltd Ed 200 #27746, $59.95
Saunders reflects on his early childhood and first experiences of climbing to expeditions in the Himalaya and Karakoram along with mountaineering triumphs, rescues, tragedies, and failures.

Scott, Doug. Kangchenjunga: The Himalayan Giant. 2021 UK #27748, $47.95
Doug explores Kangchenjunga and its varied people before looking at Western approaches and early climbing attempts on the mountain.

Smart, David. Royal Robbins: The American Climber. 2023 US #27922, $22.95
Smart illuminates the fascinating life of Royal Robbins from latchkey kid to the founding of the outdoor apparel company that bears his name.

Synnott, Mark. The Third Pole: Mystery, Obsession, and Death on Mount Everest. 2021 US #27796, $28.95
Synnott delves into the mystery of Mallory and Irvine together with his own ascent of the North Face during the tragic 2019 season..

Zimmerman, Graham. A Fine Line: Searching for Balance Among Mountains. 2023 US #27924, $19.95
Zimmerman explores the delicate balancing act of appreciating the joy that climbing brings while recognizing that the sport has a dark side.

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