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Kukuczka: [Kukuczka, Jerzy]
DVD video[Kukuczka, Jerzy] Kukuczka
2011 45 min, NTSC Region 1 DVD; new #25968 $19.95
Jerzy Kukuczka (1948-1989) was one of the greatest Himalayan climbers in history, the second to ascend all 14 8000m peaks. Widely considered one of the best high-altitude climbers in history, he ascended all fourteen peaks in under eight years; all (except Everest) without supplemental oxygen, ten [read more]

118 Days in the Captivity of Ice Video: Arctic.
VHS videoArctic. 118 Days in the Captivity of Ice Video
56 min, VHS; new #22716 $19.95
An amazing documentary film following a four-member Slovak-Russian polar expedition which crossed the Arctic Ocean from Russia to Canada via the North Pole. This was an unsupported crossing which required the men to man-haul their necessary equipment for the whole journey. The conditions encounter[read more]

Death on Denali: Babcock, Jeffrey T.
signedDVD videoBabcock, Jeffrey T. Death on Denali
2012 1 hr, 45 min, DVD; signed, new #27023 $19.95
Babcock presents a rich and poignant collection of narrated images to accompany and enhance his book ‘Should I Not Return’. He provides much detail and historical background to set the tragic 1967 Wilcox-Snyder expedition within Denali’s overall history. Narrated by Babcock. Highly recommended to he[read more]

Alaskan Reminiscences: 60 Years of Adventure With Bradford and Barbara Washburn Video: Denali/McKinley.
VHS videoDenali/McKinley. Alaskan Reminiscences: 60 Years of Adventure With Bradford and Barbara Washburn Video
43 min, VHS; new #22512 $21.95
Bradford and Barbara epitomize Alaskan adventure. Brad made thirteen first ascents of Alaskan peaks and Barbara was the first woman to summit McKinley, in 1947. The Washburns recount some of their first ascents and the film includes: flight and landing at Don Sheldon’s Mountain House; Brad’s demon[read more]

Mount McKinley: The 1951 First Ascent of its West Buttress Video: Denali/McKinley.
VHS videoDenali/McKinley. Mount McKinley: The 1951 First Ascent of its West Buttress Video
43 min, VHS; new #22513 $21.95
The first ascent of McKinley’s West Buttress was one of the most significant ascents in Alaskan mountaineering history. Since Brad Washburn’s pioneering first ascent in 1951 over 12,000 people have climbed McKinley, most by its popular West Buttress Route. Using Brad’s original 16mm film footage s[read more]

Everest: 50 Years on the Mountain: Everest
DVD videoEverest Everest: 50 Years on the Mountain
2003 US 90 min, DVD; new #25943 $19.99 $14.99
In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay made history as the first people to reach the top of Everest. Now, 50 years later, three sons (Peter Hillary, Jamling Tenzing, Brent Bishop) of Everest's most celebrated climbers return to the mountain to challenge it again. Join their journey as they b[read more]

Everest: A Climb for Peace: Everest.
DVD videoEverest. Everest: A Climb for Peace
2007 US 63 min, DVD; new #24791 $19.99
Narrated by Orlando Bloom and hailed by the Dalai Lama as a ‘tremendous achievement’, Everest: A Climb for Peace is not your typical Everest film. This chronicles the spectacular journey of 9 ‘peace climbers’ from different faiths and cultures as they climb to the summit of Everest. This was a joi[read more]

Mount Everest: The Summit of Dreams Video: Everest.
VHS videoEverest. Mount Everest: The Summit of Dreams Video
46 min, VHS; new #6909 $19.95 $0.99
This documentary video follows the successful pre-monsoon 1994 American North Ridge team led by Eric Simonson. Follow the dramatic account as two of the climbing team, Australian Mike Rheinberger and New Zealand guide Mark Whetu, reach the summit at sunset. Their struggle for survival is moving.[read more]

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