Bart, Sheldon. Race to the Top of the World: Richard Byrd and the First Flight to the North Pole. 2013 US #26562, $26.95
Bart delves deeply into the personal archives of Byrd and his contemporaries more than anyone else and presents a story packed with powerful, never-before-seen evidence of a great and exciting aerial challenge between Byrd and Roald Amundsen.

Capelotti, P. J. Shipwreck at Cape Flora: The Expeditions of Benjamin Leigh Smith, England's Forgotten Arctic Explorer. 2013 Canada #26569, $41.95
Traveling to the Arctic islands that Smith explored and crisscrossing England to uncover unpublished journals, diaries, and photographs, Capelotti details Smith's five major Arctic expeditions.

Clancy, Robert, John Manning, & Henk Brolsma. Mapping Antarctica: A Five Hundred Year Record of Discovery. 2014 UK #26593, $59.95
A scholarly work about the discovery and exploration of Antarctica, using contemporary maps from 1570 to 2002, most very rare, to tell the story.

signed Day, David. Flaws in the Ice: In Search of Douglas Mawson. 2013 Australia #26574, $39.95
Day delves into Mawson's character and leadership of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition in light of new, recently available diaries which provide other perspectives.

Fiennes, Ranulph. Cold: Extreme Adventures at the Lowest Temperatures on Earth. 2013 UK #26578, $39.95
This remarkable book reveals the chequered history of man's attempts to discover and understand the coldest regions on earth, from the early voyages of discovery of Cook, Ross, Weddell, Amundsen, Shackleton and Franklin to Sir Ranulph's own extraordinary feats.

signed Galaburri, Richard W. Lost! The Franklin Expedition and the Fate of Captain F. R. M. Crozier and the Crews of H.M.S. Erebus and Terror in 1848-1849. 2013 US #26659, $22.95
Galaburri's monograph delves into the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Sir John Franklin and his crew in 1848.

Hince, Bernadette, ed. Still no Mawson: Frank Stillwell's Antarctic Diaries 1911-13. 2012 Australia #26576, $49.95
Stillwell's diaries, published here for the first time, reveal everyday life in the isolated hut in Antarctica, with near-poisonings, the anxious wait for Douglas Mawson's return, and the tragedy of two deaths.

signed Hirzel, David. Hold Fast: Tom Crean with Shackleton's Endurance Expedition 1913-1916. 2013 US #26559, $19.95
Hirzel's second book on Crean, focuses on his remarkable participation and leadership with Shackleton's Endurance expedition from the sinking of their ship to the crossing of South Georgia.

Jarvis, Tim. Chasing Shackleton: Re-creating the World's Greatest Journey of Survival. 2013 US #26640, $34.95
The remarkable record of Jarvis and his team's epic journey to recreate Shackleton's voyage from Elephant Island to South Georgia.

Osborne, S. L. In the Shadow of the Pole: An Early History of Arctic Expeditions, 1871-1912. 2013 Canada #26643, $26.99
Osborne describes early expeditions to Canada's North, how the Arctic became part of Canada, and how the government established jurisdiction.

Peat, Neville. Shackleton's Whiskey: The Extraordinary Story of an Heroic Explorer and Twenty-five Cases of Unique MacKinlay's Old Scotch. 2013 UK #26553, $33.95
The remarkable story of 300 bottles of Old Highland Malt Whisky taken south on Shackleton's 1907-09 British Antarctic Expedition and the discovery, recovery, and replication of the blend.

Scott, Robert, et al. The Last Letters: The British Antarctic Expedition 1910-13. 2012 UK #26633, $27.95
Here, for the first time, from the archives of the Scott Polar Research Institute and private collections are the letters written by Scott and his companions as they returned from the Pole.

[Shackleton]. Nimrod Vol 7: The Journal of the Ernest Shackleton Autumn School. 2013 UK #26607, $35.-
This issue contains articles on Amundsen, Shackleton, Filchner, Scott, the Endurance, Oates, and more.

signed Skinner, George & Valerie. The Life and Adventures of William Lashly. 2013 UK #26575, $11.95
Lashly sailed on both of Captain Scott's Antarctic expeditions, was one of the last to see Scott alive, and one of the first from the search party to enter the tent in which Scott and his companions had died on their return from the Pole.


Alpinist #47 Summer 2014. 2014 US #26750, $14.95
Picket Range, Alex Honnold, Charlie Porter, the Wart Hog, Everest Interrupted, and more!

Bradford Washburn Mountain Photography 2014 Calendar. 2014 US #26561, Reg $16.95, Sale $7.95
A terrific calendar featuring duotones of some of Washburn's great images - Alaska, Grandes Jorasses, Miles Glacier, Mount Deception, Mount Huntington, Mount McKinley, Mount Washington, and more!

Craig, Malcolm. Shackles of Convention: Women Mountaineers before 1914. 2013 UK #26577, $39.95
A celebration of the contribution made by women to the early history of mountaineering.

signed Gee, Lee Peh, et al. More than a Mountain: The Journey of Singapore's First Women's Team to the Summit of Mount Everest. 2013 Singapore #26570, $49.95
In 2009, the Singapore Women's Everest Team made history by being the first team of female climbers from Singapore to reach the summit of Everest.

signed Kelly, Phil, et al. Peak Rock: The History, The Routes, The Climbers. 2013 UK #26571, $84.95
A large-format, limited edition, work celebrating significant developments at the cutting edge of rock climbing in the Peak District.

Kor, Layton. Beyond the Vertical. 2013 US #26544, $29.95
Kor's classic autobiography is back in print!

Levine, Alison. On the Edge: The Art of High-Impact Leadership. 2014 US #26641, $26.95
Levine chronicles her expeditions to Carstenz Pyramid, Everest, and the South Pole and makes a case that leadership principles that apply in the world of adventure also apply to today's business environments.

Mammut. Mammut: 150 Years, 150 Stories. 2011 Switzerland #26566, $79.95
A celebration of 150 years of Mammut products is told via 150 stories from various contributors.

signed Moorehead, Catherine. The K2 Man (and His Molluscs): The Extraordinary Life of Haversham Godwin-Austen. 2013 UK #26556, $49.95
The first biography of Godwin-Austen who not only found the first way to the 'savage mountain', K2, but went on to be the first serious explorer of the Karakoram, Ladakh, Western Tibet, Bhutan, Northern Burma and Assam.

Parker, Philip, ed. Himalaya: The Exploration & Conquest of the Greatest Mountains on Earth. 2013 UK #26572, $39.95
Parker examines the geographical origins of the Himalaya, its earliest peoples and the onward western discovery and exploration up to the first ascent of Everest.

signed Quillen, John. Tempting the Throne Room: Surviving Pakistan's Deadliest Climbing Season 2013. 2014 US #26638, $17.95
Quillen presents a poignant story of the cross-cultural bonding between climbers as they attempt Broad Peak in 2013.

Searle, Mike. Colliding Continents: A Geological Exploration of the Himalaya, Karakoram, & Tibet. 2013 UK #26644, $39.95
Searle, a leading expert on Himalayan geology and a mountaineer, interweaves the science of these great mountains with vivid accounts of his expeditions.

signed Smythe, Tony. My Father, Frank: Unresting Spirit of Everest. 2013 UK #26554, $39.95
A full account of the life of Smythe illustrated with many previously unpublished photos.

Thompson, Simon. A Long Walk with Lord Conway: An Exploration of the Alps and an English Adventurer. 2013 UK #26550, $33.95
Thompson retraces Conway's long journey over the peaks, passes and glaciers of the Alps and rediscovers the life of a complex and remarkable English adventurer.

signed Wade, Mason. Crash!! Surviving the 1976 Mt. McKinley Hang Gliding Expedition. 2005 US #26579, $9.95
The account of Wade's epic launch from the summit of McKinley in 1976 and subsequent crash 800 feet below.

Wolfe, Frederick. High Summits: 370 Famous Peak First Ascents and Other Significant Events in Mountaineering History. 2013 US #26555, $49.95
An essential guide to mountaineering history, providing a year-by-year account spanning all seven continents and dates from 450 B.C. through 2011.

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The Fritz Lang Polar Collection
We're pleased to announce a wonderful collection of polar items, primarily Antarctic, including material by Amundsen, Cherry-Garrard, Hurley, Mawson, Nansen, Scott, Shackleton, Taylor, Wilson, Worsley, and many others. If you are looking for something in particular please let us know. Items are being added on a regular basis and may be seen here!

Recent Acquisitions

Signed Presentation Copy

signed Amundsen, Roald. The South Pole: An Account of the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition in the "Fram", 1910-1912. 1913 UK #26585, $5900.-

Armitage, Lieut. Albert B. Two Years in the Antarctic: Being a Narrative of the British National Antarctic Expedition. 1905 UK #26592, $2900.-

Barry, Martin. Ascent to the Summit of Mont Blanc in 1834. 1836 UK #26484, $535.50

With Signed Photo

signed Buhl, Hermann. Nanga Parbat Pilgrimage: A Mountaineer's Autobiography. 1956 UK #24984, $1695.-

A Presentation Copy of the Finest Polar Book Ever Written

signed Cherry-Garrard, Apsley. The Worst Journey in the World: Antarctic 1910-1913. 1922 UK #26618, $12,000.-

Conway, Sir William Martin. Climbing and Exploration in the Karakoram-Himalayas. 1894 UK #26530, $607.50

Forbes, James. Travels Through the Alps of Savoy and Other Parts of the Pennine Chain with Observations on the Phenomena of Glaciers. 1843 Scotland #26523, $2245.-

Freshfield, Douglas. Round Kangchenjunga: A Narrative of Mountain Travel and Exploration. 1903 UK #23016, $805.50

Grouner, M. Histoire Naturelle des Glacieres de Suisse [Natural History of the Glaciers of Switzerland]. 1770 Paris #26468, $3510.-

One of the Rare Large Paper Edition Everest Titles

Howard-Bury, Lt. Col. C. K. Mount Everest: The Reconnaissance, 1921. 1922 UK #26444, $1495.-

Merzbacher, Gottfried. The Central Tian-Shan Mountains 1902-1903. 1905 UK #26528, $562.50

Mummery, A. F. My Climbs in the Alps and Caucasus. 1895 UK #14227, $315.-

Signed Deluxe Large Paper Limited Edition

signed Shackleton, Ernest Henry. The Heart of the Antarctic: Being the Story of the British Antarctic Expedition 1907-1909 with The Antarctic Book: Winter Quarters 1907 - 1909. 1909 UK #25798, $23,900.-

The First Photo of K2!

Jacot-Guillarmod, Jules. Chogori (K2) as seen from Godwin-Austen Glacier, Karakoram.

#25930, Limited ed $195.-,
#25929, Regular ed $95.-

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